Ideal selection if you are building or renovating and looking for a unit that will fit in harmony with the architecture. Our top-of-the line and superior quality products are offered at competitive prices.

  • Natural gas or propane fireplaces and stoves
  • Built-in fireplaces and stoves
  • Natural gas or propane chimneys
  • Fireplace doors, gypsum boxes and exterior chimney structures

We work with your interior designer.

Over the years, the manufacturers in our industry have developed stove and fireplace models presenting contemporary style and pure lines. The gas and propane devices offer a burning unit equipped with the traditional wood log, coal gravel or glass chippings. The manufacturers also played with the shapes of the flame to create spectacular effects.

You must replace your fireplace to comply with the regulations? The usage of your wood stove will be forbidden in 2018? You must replace it? Please, contact us.

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